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Explore your own and others’ stories and metaphors of table prior to encountering an artwork in which a table is important.



Step 1 of 2. Choose a table image with which you have a personal connection or experience. The image can be one of your own photos, a drawing, or found photo of a table. Think about your personal connections to this type of table. Introduce yourself to other participants by with a story that relates to your chosen table.

To complete this task:

1. Consider the following:
This table reminds me of…
I remember a time…
I like to ____________________ at the table.
Once, at a table like this…

What are some of your personal experiences with being around a table? How have tables functioned in your life? In the lives of people you know? How do people interact around this table? What does it mean to have “a place at the table”? Who is the head the table? Why? What different shapes might a table take? How might the shape of a table influence what people do and how they interact? How do culture, economic status, and gender influence our relationships to various tables?

2. Upload your photo and story to Flickr®
Click here for instructions

Click here to comment on photos and stories ALREADY posted to Flickr®.


Step 2 of 2. (optional) Visit The Dinner Party Institute Blog and find the post titled "Thinking of Tables Metaphorically". Read the post and comment on how we might think of tables metaphorically.

* The Table Talk encounter from The Dinner Party Curriculum Project with worksheet for use in the classroom is linked here.



The Minx M. Auerbach Award for Excellence in Education
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Offered by Kutztown University, in partnership with Through the Flower, a nonprofit feminist art
organization founded by Judy Chicago, and with co-sponsor, the National Art Education Association.

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