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Day by Day Schedule

Join members of The Dinner Party Curriculum Team to explore and experience the rich content of the iconic artwork, The Dinner Party, now permanently installed at the Brooklyn Museum. Engage in inquiry-based activities to deepen understanding of The Dinner Party while exploring ideas, activities, and lessons for use in K-12 teaching. Experience a private viewing of The Dinner Party on site at the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at The Brooklyn Museum. A highlight of this trip will be to meet with original members of the team who worked with Judy Chicago on the creation of The Dinner Party.

STUDY INSTITUTE PROGRAM: We begin with an organizational meeting and dinner on Monday, July 18 from 3:00-8:00 p.m. Daily sessions begin at 8:30 a.m. and conclude at 5:00 p.m., with the exception of Thursday, July 21, when we travel to the Brooklyn Museum and return around 10 p.m. The Institute will meet in Sharadin 113. Please note that the Institute is strictly limited to 30 participants.

2016 Institute Schedule (Tentative)

MONDAY, July 18 (3pm - 8pm)

Coming to the Table

3:00       Settling In
3:30       Greetings, Introductions, Overview

4:00       Encounter 1: Table Talk
5:00       “Dinner and a Movie
                 Newsreel: The Women 2.0 Media Project
                 Main Feature: Right Out of History: The Making of The Dinner Party
7:15       Break
7:30       Wrap-Up and Dismissal


TUESDAY, July 19 (8:30am - 5pm)

Unpacking The Dinner Party

8:30       Resources Open
9:00       Morning Shorts
9:30       Carrie Jeruzal Presentation
10:15    Break
10:30    Encounter 8: Investigating Meaning
11:25    Looking to Thursday
11:30    Lunch
                 GRAD CREDIT participants meet with Marilyn
12:00    Regroup
12:15    Encounter 13: Passing on & Disrupting Traditions
1:15       Introducing Femmage
2:15       Break
2:30       Exploring the Spiral
3:30       Classroom Connections: Carrie Miller
4:15       Reflect and Respond
4:45       Wrap Up
5:30       Dismiss & Pot-Luck Dinner at Marilyn's House


WEDNESDAY, July 20 (8:30am - 5pm)

Gender in Mind

8:30       Resources Open
9:00       Morning Shorts. Where Have We Been? Where Are We Going?
9:15       Article Reading: Debrief/Discuss
10:00    Break 
10:15    Toys R Us!
11:15    Encounter 4: Intro to Mapping Gender Identity
12:00    Lunch & Toy Talk
12:30    Pathways with Children's Picture Books
1:30       Break
1:45       Feminism and I
2:45       Femmage
3:30       Encounter 2: Extending the Invitation  
4:15       Teen Video with Q&A
4:45       Wrap-Up
5:00       Dismiss


THURSDAY, July 21 (7:15am - 10:15pm)

Exploring The Dinner Party

7:45       Meet at Beekey Parking Lot for 8:00 Departure
                 and 8:20 Lehigh Valley Pick-Up
11:00?    Arrive at the Brooklyn Museum of Art / Welcome
11:30    Experiencing The Dinner Party and Exploring the Brooklyn Museum
12:30    Lunch on grounds: Bagged lunches in coolers
1:30       Conversation with Susan Hill, Diane Gelon & Juliet Myers
3:00       Break
3:15       Minx M. Auerbach Education Award Presentation
3:45       Explore Museum: Goddess Figurines
5:00       Dinner, Cheryl's Global Soul (optional)
7:00       Depart Brooklyn Museum
9:30    Arrive Kutztown University (after Lehigh Valley Drop-Off)


FRIDAY, July 22 (9:00am - 3pm)

Taking it Back

9:00       Resources Open
9:30       Morning Shorts. Where Have We Been? Where Are We Going?
10:00    Reminders for Taking it Back
10:30    Break
10:45    Maria Mogas: Minx Auerbach Awardee
11:45    Resources for Taking it Forward
12:15     "Working" Pizza Lunch
12:45     Regroup
1:00       Hannah et al...
1:30       Resources to Take it Forward

2:45       Commencement
3:00       Wrap-Up, Pack-Up, Good-byes!



Cheri Ehrlich, Senior Museum Educator from the Brooklyn Museum of Art, CJ, Roni and Barbara discuss how gender roles have been delineated through children’s toys.


Amy Pfeiler-Wunder and Nicole Romanski take particpants through Encounter 2: Extending the Invitation.



The Minx M. Auerbach Award for Excellence in Education
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Offered by Kutztown University, in partnership with Through the Flower, a nonprofit feminist art
organization founded by Judy Chicago, and with co-sponsor, the National Art Education Association.

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